by in Health Tips January 10, 2019

Too often we focus on weight loss when in fact our focus should be on our internal health and wellbeing. By shifting our focus we can see that our internal health and wellbeing is the true key to feeling and looking good. Many people get caught up in trendy dietary fads where the focus is simply on the exterior body. This becomes daunting when our ideas of how we should look are not quickly realized, and thus we run back to our unhealthy habits fearing failure. If we understand that the body’s internal state determines outward appearance we may patiently allow weight loss to unfold. An essential strategy to maintaining healthy habits is becoming aware of the body. If we realize that the foods we eat cause us to become fatigue, triggers headaches or stomachache we may then acknowledge that those foods are not for us!  As we adapt healthy habits we can learn to identify subtle changes that take place within the body.  After eating a beautiful spinach, chicken and walnut salad we feel energized. These internal changes within the body are the catalyst necessary for weight loss. Without proper nutrition energizing our body and optimizing our cellular function we cannot maintain healthy habits such as cooking, exercise, and meditation.

When our physical health becomes imbalanced through sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits and stress, it becomes difficult to operate in a health oriented manner. This disorder within the system leads to dependence on the status quo because we don’t feel well enough to conceive something different.  Most people don’t choose to exercise when they are tired, nor do they choose a bowl of greens over ice-cream under high pressure. When we are in agony we seek pleasure! We see by these examples that a true inward shift must be made, one that encompasses the whole person. Indeed routine existence may be comforting, unfortunately this satisfaction is temporary and does not generate change. These continued behaviors that were once liberating become persistently constrictive.

The beauty in seeking optimal health is that it can be obtained by adopting subtle changes. These subtle changes over time develop into healthy habits. Healthy habits don’t have to be demanding, nor do they have to be implemented all at once, as this leads to resistance.  Healthy habits must be practiced with persistence and understanding that these habits allow for the change we are seeking.  For instance walking just 30 minutes right after meals aids in weight loss and glucose regulation. In time this 30 minute walk may turn into a 30 minute run, or a 30 minute high intensity training. The same is true for our dietary habits. If we begin by adding in 1 cup of green vegetables with every meal we will begin to feel the nutrients pouring into our bodies. In time our bodies will crave a larger variety and quantity of vegetables. When we don’t allow ourselves to get caught up in our appearance we can see that another way to weight loss exists and our journey begins.

Remember you are stronger than you think!

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