by in massage January 10, 2019

January is a great time to get motivated about starting to live a Healthier Lifestyle. Weight loss is a very important goal for many of us.

Touch is a powerful ally in the quest for physical and mental health. A very old modality, a very unassuming modality…Touch not only can help you be more in tune with your body, but it can help create a sense of wellness and “wholeness” that is often lost in our segmented, over scheduled lives.When we regain that connection, it’s much easier to remember that our bodies are something to be cherished, nurtured, and loved, not belittled, betrayed, and forgotten. Healing occurs when we love and respect our bodies and give to it the nurturing it needs and deserves. Massage is one touch modality with many profound benefits.  Today we will discuss two major benefits: decreasing pain and reconnecting with ourselves through massage.

Low back pain is one of the most common debilitating problems of today. For many people the back and especially the low back, is a structurally “at risk” part of the body that we stress (overburden) with poor posture, poor muscular strength, poor range of motion, an overweight body that distorts the body’s natural physics of balance; all of which can lead to injury, inflamed painful joints, sleepless nights, anxiety, depression and disconnection from ourselves.

Massage is a gentle and effective modality to treat and ease the tension and pain in over stressed, over stretched, muscles, tendons and joints. By relieving chronic tension in muscles the body has a chance to decrease its cellular toxic load and receive more oxygen and nutrients via better circulation to those areas.  This in turn leads to reduced pain and increased pain free range of motion of joints. The improved nutrition and toxic release from your cells means less inflammation and a decrease in pain.  With a decrease in Pain and more mobility one is freer to take on tasks in life that were becoming burdensome. There is more joy and  less mental stress since the pain is less. With less pain, the need for pain medications can be decreased, leaving one feeling less side effects of the drugs. Having now gained more motion in your joints, less pain, better sleep, anxiety and depression can become more manageable or disappear.The more exercise that you can now do, the more the body releases its own pain killers, endorphins.

Every shape, every size body whether a client weighs 30 pounds or 300 pounds, massage and bodywork therapists are trained to appreciate all bodies, without judgment, and to deliver the best care possible. During your session, your therapist’s goal will be to create an environment that feels safe and nurturing for you, all while delivering much needed therapeutic touch.

Being unhappy with our bodies has serious, and sometimes lifelong, ramifications. Feelings of unworthiness and self-loathing can set up a lifetime of self-deprecating behaviors. What regularly scheduled massage allows us to do is “get back” into our bodies and reconnect with ourselves. Massage can help us release physical and mental patterns of tension, enhancing our ability to experience our bodies (regardless of their shape and size) in a more positive way. Just as it facilitates our ability to relax, massage also encourages an awareness of the body, often allowing us to more clearly see and identify destructive behaviors, including overeating or purging. Massage also creates a sense of nurturing that is especially powerful when it comes to poor body image. Accepting the nonjudgmental touch of a trained therapist goes a long way toward rebuilding an appreciation and respect for your own body.

All of these gains combined with results from your exercise and nutritional weight loss program provide for a general sense of well-being and wholeness, a regained connection with our body where we can feel nourished and loved.

                                                                               Join me Wednesday January 30th from 5:30-6:30 to learn more.