LOVE YOUR HEART By: Christi Christiaens

by in Health Tips, Holistic Medicine, news, Organic Foods January 30, 2019


I am so grateful for the advancements that modern medicine has made to treat acute heart conditions. Physicians save people’s lives everyday with these emergency treatments.

But what is better than treating a disease? Preventing it… of course.

Heart disease is still the No. 1 cause of death in the United States.

The biggest contributor to this fact is a lack of commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Your lifestyle is your best defense against heart disease.

Here are some simple steps you can implement immediately to love your heart.

  1. Nutrition

The food you eat affects your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and your weight. A healthy nutrition plan is the best weapon you have to fight heart disease:

  1. Exercise

Move your body every single day. Go for a walk, lift weights, or do a yoga class.

Make sure you consult your health care professional first if you’re inactive now. Start slow! Even a few minutes at a time offers some significant health benefits.

  1. Your Weight

Sadly enough, it’s not only adults but also children are overweight today. Starvation diets and supplements are not the answer. The combination of good nutrition and being physical active is the only way to maintain a healthy weight and to prevent heart disease.

Don’t underestimate these simple steps, they can make a big difference!

Make small changes one step at a time so your body can adapt, and you can enjoy feeling better every day.