We offer support for your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. To be complete we must nourish the whole of us, heal what is in need, and preserve our health in all aspects by getting to the source of the damages we can help our bodies to repair  years of damage.

Food is medicine; It can be healing or it can be disruptive to  our beautiful bodies.

We are supporting The Body...

When facing  diseases such as alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes and cancer…

How do we do this?

By restoring the mind, body and spirit. Empowering patients to take control of their health


  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Nutritional Lifestyle Programs
  • Detox Programs
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Addiction and Depression Programs

While facing conditions such as...

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer Recovery
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Chronic Pain
  • Heart Disease
  • Immune Dysfunction
  • Anemia
  • Fatigue
  • Auto Immune Disorders
  • Injuries
  • Overweight
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Toxicity
  • Anti Aging
  • and More


the body, mind & spirit.

Our Services

  1. Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is an energetic medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles along meridians (energy pathways) allowing for nerve stimulation. This process triggers a physiological response that allows the body to flow back into balance.

  2. Amino Acids Injections

    Used for weight loss (methionine, inositol, choline).

  3. Ayurvedic Breathing

    Breath is essential to life.

    It is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do when we leave. In between that time, we take about half a billion breaths.

    What we may not realize is that the mind, body, and breath are intimately connected and can influence each other. Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts, and our thoughts and physiology can be influenced by our breath.

    Learning to breathe consciously and with awareness can be a valuable tool in helping to restore balance in the mind and body.

  4. BEMER Therapy

    Is a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy. BEMER uses PEMF as an active agent to carry its unique physical signal configuration.

    It Is used for well-being, improved cardiac functions and physical fitness. 

    At A Place to Heal it is an important part of our Detox Program. BEMER focuses on the core systems necessary for health and wellness. Many physical discomforts are directly related to a diminished circulatory system which can result in dysfunctional metabolic processes. 

    BEMER stimulates blood flow in the smallest of the blood vessels, which are the vessels that become compromised with age.

    Some of the benefits of using the BEMER include:

    • Enhanced General Blood flow
    • Improved the body’s nutrient and oxygen uptake and waste disposal
    • Improved cardiac function
    • Physical fitness and endurance, strength and energy
    • Improved concentration, mental acuity
    • Stress reduction and relaxation as well as sleep management
  5. Biotherapeutic Drainage

    Sublingual immunology for detox.

  6. Botanical/Herbal Medicine

    This is a medical system based on the use of plants or plant extracts that may be eaten or applied to the skin. Since ancient times, herbal medicine has been used by many different cultures throughout the world to treat illness and to assist bodily functions.

  7. CBD Oils

    CBD  Oils have been shown to improve the quality of life of many people struggling with inflammation, chronic pain, neurological disorders, diabetes, obesity, PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer, seizures and many other ailments.

    CBD’s are natural nutrition for our Endocannabinoid System which works synergistically with all the other regulatory systems in our bodies.

  8. Clinical Hypnosis

    Every person naturally enters into some state of hypnosis several times per day depending on what part of the brain they are using for a task. 

    Relaxation of the body and mind allows the client to gain easier access to those parts of our psyche that affect habits, memory and personality characteristics where the client would like to affect a change or release.

    Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to relax and the sub-conscious mind to emerge allowing attention to be hyper-focused on suggestions being received by the client that will help affect positive change. 

    This, in turn, allows one to shed unhealthy habits, resolve trauma, manage pain or delve deeper into the mind, body, spirit connection through guided, analytical, timeline or past-life regression hypnosis.

  9. Detoxification

    We live in a world plagued by toxins, no matter our diet and or lifestyle choices we all carry a toxic burden.

    Detoxification is necessary to eliminate such toxins so that the body can function optimally.

    Our naturopathic doctors assist in the detoxification process by creating individualized detoxification programs. These programs may utilize diet, exercise, sauna, IV therapy, supplementation, hydrotherapy, enema and other modalities to ensure proper elimination of toxins.

  10. European Homeopathic Injections

    For mild depression, neuropathic pain, liver and lymphatic detox

  11. Fat-Burner Shot

    The fat burner shot is a lipotropic injection that combines Methionine, Inositol, Choline and B12. In combination this formula aids in the metabolism of fat and detoxification. Methionine aids in the breakdown of fat within the liver, it helps lower cholesterol and prevents further buildup of fat within the liver. Inositol aids the body in metabolizing fat and promotes the health of cell structure and nerve synapses, supporting healthy mood. Choline is required for excreting chemical waste products and the transport and metabolism of fat and cholesterol.

  12. Hormone Therapies
  13. Hydro Therapy

    The use af Hot and Cold is very effective as part of a detox program. We use Hot and Cold towels to wrap the body in a sequence that assists the body to release toxins and take in oxygen to revitalize and  and rejuvenate. 

    Hydro therapy is used in combination with other modalities such as massage, infra red sauna, intravenous treatments, meditation and other modalities

  14. Injections & Skin Patches

    Alternative treatments to IV Therapies

    • B12
    • MIC
    • NAD. 
  15. IV Therapies/Nutrituional

    Glutathione - the Mother of Antioxidants

    Glutathione is one of the body’s most important and powerful antioxidants, it decreases inflammation and enhances the body’s immune response. Glutathione Aids in detoxification, and the elimination of heavy metals and reactive peroxides. Glutathione is a constituent in the regulation of protein and gene expression, it protects the skin and eyes against oxidative stress and radiation damage. Due to glutathione’s antioxidant potential and its regulation of gene expression it plays a great role in anti-aging therapy.

    Who may benefit from a glutathione IV? Cancer patients Patients with Inflammatory conditions and or immune dysfunction. Patients suffering from neuro-degenerative disease
    Anyone who wants to combat the aging process.

    Curcumin IV 

    Curcumin is a spice commonly known as turmeric. Curcumin has many health benefits it is effective at modulating inflammation, fighting cancer, protecting the liver, pain reduction and it’s an antioxidant. Curcumin is not well absorbed orally making intravenous administrations most therapeutic.

    What curcumin may be used for:

    • Autoimmune conditions
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Cancer
    • Supporting detoxification
    • High cholesterol
    • Hepatitis
    • Digestive disorders
    • Neurodegenerative disease

    Myers Cocktails

    These IV delivers basics vitamins and minerals that are essential to the function and health of the human body and mind. The nutrient IV is composed of Vitamin C, B5,B6,B12, B complex, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium and Zinc. The nutrient IV is great for basic general maintenance of the body.

    Others that may benefit from the nutrient IV include those experiencing:

    • Cold/Flu
    • Chronic Sinusitis
    • Fatigue
    • Gastrointestinal dysfunction
    • Infections
    • Seasonal allergies
    • Stress
  16. IV Therapies/Regenerative

    Nicotiamide Adenine Dinucleoutide

    What is NAD+ ?
    NAD is a Coenzyme that can be found in all living cells and is essential for metabolism.

    How does the body use NAD+ ?
    NAD is used in gene expression,DNA repair,energy production,enzyme activity,caloric restriction,neurotransmition,blood sugar regulation and inflammation regulation.

    What conditions may NAD+ be used in? Anti-Aging, Fatigue, Chronic pain, Liver disease, Insulin resistance, Insomnia, Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosi,s Neurodegeneration, Parkinson’s, PTSD

    Intraveneous NAD+ is administered direclty into the bloodstream allowing for optimal absorption by bypassing the digestive system making NAD+ readily available to cells. NAD+ declines with age leading to age associated disease. This IV combats the aging process and disease making it a great allie to add to your anti-aging regimen.

    Stem Cell Derivatives

    This is a noninvasive technology that contains Growth factors, proteins, collagen, as well as cytokines and Immune privileged cells. This new therapy aids the body in inflammation reduction supporting soft tissue repair, reconstruction and pain reduction with numerous other benefits.  

    • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Chronic Pain
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
    • Lyme Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Neurodegenerative conditions(Alzheimers, Parkinson’s)
    • Rheumatologicaldisorders(Chrons, Lupus, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis)
    • Sports Injuries
    • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


    Poly-MVA is a mineral complex consisting of palladium irreversibly bound to Alpha Lipoic Acid a powerful antioxidant. Poly-MVA is both water and fat soluble and is able to enter into the mitochondria which has been named “the powerhouse of the cell”. The Poly-MVA complex produces redox polymers that are both capable of accepting and donating electrons which are negatively charged particles.  Poly-MVA enters into the mitochondria where is creates energy and kick starts cellular metabolism. 

    Poly MVA has shown benefits in treating Cancer, Chronic Fatigue,diabetes,degenerative disease,Fibromyalgia,Multiple Sclerosis, degenerative disease. Poly-MVA can assist in DNA repair, cellular protection,protection from radiation, reducing free radicals in the body and 

    -Phosphatidylcholine: Every cell is surrounded by a phospholipid bilayer or double layer of phospholipids the most abundant being phosphatidylcholine. These lipids serve as a barrier for the cells from the outside environment as they trap and store toxins. Phosphatidylcholine improves cellular integrity and transport of nutrients and export of toxins. The healthy ratio of phospholipids declines as we age and is associated with degenerative diseases.

     What conditions may benefit from phosphatidylcholine:

    • Autoimmune disease
    • High cholesterol
    • Heart disease
    • Liver disease
    • Mood disorders
    • Migraine
    • Neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)
    • Vascular disease

    PC can assist with the bodies detoxification process, it aids in energy enhancement, increases longevity and functionality of muscular tissue. 

  17. Medical Marajuana Certification (medical records required)

    Patients must provide medical records or be willing to complete a records release form so that our office may obtain medical records to verify qualifying conditions. Patients must have one of the below qualifying medical conditions. All patients must provide an AZ ID and or passport, a credit card for the state fee, medical records within the past 12 months, and if currently a card holder a copy of your current medical marijuana card.

    The Full List of Qualifying Conditions in AZ:

    • Cancer
    • Glaucoma
    • Positive status for HIV
    • AIDS
    • Hepatitis C
    • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease
    • A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that produces any of the following:

    o    Cachexia or wasting syndrome

    o    Severe and chronic pain

    o    Severe nausea

    o    Seizures (including those characteristic of epilepsy) or

    o    Severe and persistent muscle spasms (including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis)

  18. Medical Massage

    Medical massage uses science-based massage modalities to treat specific conditions caused by injury, repetitive postural activities, medical conditions and sports activities.

    Such as but not limited to:

    • To joint and muscle pain
    • Headaches
    • Frozen shoulder and injury
    • Shin splints
    • tennis elbow
    • TMJ pain
    • Sciatica
    • Muscle cramps
    • Low back pain
    • Decreased mobility
    • Anterior scalene muscle syndrome
    • Bell’s palsy
    • Upper back and Neck pain
    • Migraine headaches
    • Vertigo
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Whiplash
    • Nerve neuralgia
    • Arthritis
    • Middle back pain
    • Low back pain
    • Pectorals minor muscle syndrome
    • Rhomboid muscle syndrome
  19. Micro Current Therapies

    Our clinic uses the Electro-Accuscope and Electro-Myopulse technologies to treat Inflammation, pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Conditions include but not limited to sports injuries, chronic pain, strains, sprains, post-surgery recovery, scar tissue, muscle and fascial injury, as well as anti-aging, stress reduction, and insomnia.

    This advanced biofeedback technology whispers at the cells of our tissues with a gentle current to rebalance the charge on the cell membranes allowing the body to accelerate its self-repair.

  1. Movement Therapy (Yoga, Qi-gong)

    Movement is nutrition for the joints, muscles, mind and spirit.  Our passionate yoga instructors teach at every level, to help clients relax and get their body energy flowing to clear the mind, the body and the spirit.

    Much healing occurs through movement of the body. 

    We will be offering different yoga and movement therapies, including Yoga Nigra, Qi-gong and others.

  2. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  3. Naturopathic Medicine

    Naturopathic medicine: Naturopathic medicine is a system of medicine that aims in disease prevention.
    Naturopathic physicians treat the cause of disease while pursuing a cure utilizing traditional and scientific methods. Naturopathic medicine follows 6 principles:
    The Healing Power of Nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae)
    Identify and Treat the Causes (Tolle Causam)
    First Do No Harm (Primum Non Nocere)
    Doctor as Teacher (Docere)
    Treat the Whole Person

  4. Nutritional Counseling

    Nutrition and Wellness coaching is a client-centered process to facilitate and empower clients to achieve their nutrition and wellness goals. 

    The clients use their internal strength and external resources for long-lasting behavioral change. 

    Everyone is unique and different, there is no  one way of eating for everyone. We are passionate to help you find what will work for you specifically. 

    Physicians generally don’t take the time to help their patients build healthy lifestyle habits, so nutrition and wellness coaching are needed to fill the void in our current health (sick) care system.

  5. Orthomolecular Therapy

    Nutritional deficiency and disbalances.

  6. Ozone Therapy

    Ozone is comprised of 3 oxygen atoms it is a highly reactive form of pure oxygen that occurs naturally in the body. Ozone is an immune modulator it mediates the host defense and immune response. Ozone stimulates white blood cell production, inactivates viruses, it is bactericidal, and antifungal.  Ozone increases oxygenation of cells, it improves oxygen delivery throughout the body and increases energy. 

    Conditions Ozone may be used in:

    • Acute/ chronic infections
    • Autoimmune disease MS,RA,Chrons)
    • Chronic Disease
    • Cancer
    • Chronic Fatigue syndrome
    • Chronic Inflammation
    • Fibromyalgia
  7. Personalized Chef Services

    Meal Preparation :

    Personalized  chef services (juicing, blending, meal preparation, shopping, cooking, menu planning….)

    Our Chef works closely with your doctor to plan a personalized food program for your particular health needs. Whether you need juicing, blending, vegan, Mediterranean ,  ketone diet meals etc…

    Jacqueline can teach you how and where  to shop, menu plan, and cook to meet your new eating lifestyle.  She can also prepare meals for you.

    Everyone requires something different when one makes a lifestyle change to combat disease and rebuild their bodies.

    We are here to help you. 

  8. Phytotherapy

    Hormonal balances and fatigue.

  9. PRP & Prolozone Therapy

    Prolotherapy is a procedure involving the injection of substances into a structure for the purpose of rehabilitation. This procedure allows for proliferation of new cells by stimulating the body’s natural healing response. 

    Prolotherapy can help to treat chronic pain conditions due to degeneration, sprains, strains, tears and inflammation. 

    This procedure allows for proliferation of collagen tissue thus provoking repair and regeneration of ligaments and tendons. Prolotherapy can help to increases tensile strength and allow for increased mass and weight bearing.  

    PRP: Platelet-Rich Plasma contains protein growth factors that aids in the regeneration and recovery. PRP is great for acute injuries and it helps in speeding up the inflammation process making it a great anti-inflammatory therapy and great at treating chronic and acute pain. PRP can be used in muscle, tendons, joint and skin conditions.

  10. Reiki

    Reiki energy healing is a  transference of universal life force energy through the hands of the practitioner to the client.

    This can be administered alone or as part of the massage treatment as a powerful modality to relieve stress and pain.

  11. Sound Therapy

    Sound therapists use a variety of instruments to create states of relaxation, meditation and contemplation.

    These instruments, which are played live for the clients, include tonal mediums like gongs, tuning forks and crystal singing bowls.

    Rhythmic instruments such as shakers, rain sticks and chimes are also used. Even the human voice is added to the process.

    These sounds create a space for reflective thought and relaxation.

    Aside from its potency in the psychological sphere, sound therapy has been shown to have positive effects in the physiological domain as well.

  12. Trigger Point Injections

    TPI consists of injections into a spot located within the skeletal muscle that produces local pain with deep pressure. The injection is inserted into the trigger point (or area causing a twitch response) and helps to relieve pain, tension, and stiffness. TPI is indicated in people suffering from muscular pain, tension, stiffness, joint pain, tension headaches, tinnitus, and radiculopathy. 

  13. Transformational Life Coaching


    A life filled with Vibrant Health, Passionate Relationships, Massive Success, and Lasting Fulfillment so you can:

    • Influence more effectively
    • Expand your contribution
    • Embody your greatness
    • And make this world a better place because you were here.

Our Dispensary


We carry high quality supplements; picked specially by our Naturopathic physicians to offer the most bio-available and absorbable nutritional supplementation. It is often necessary to replenish the lack of nutrients found in our food sources. Also these supplements can assist the body where it is deficient and/or weak.