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I Choose Me By: Sunny Dawn Johnston

As I’m sitting here reading everyone’s homework responses from my I Choose Me 2020 program, I feel deeply for the members who express their pain. And there’s a lot of pain being shown…along with awareness. The thing about pain is that it takes up space … and when we hold on to it, it expands. It grows and forces us to show up. It causes us to come back to ourselves and to stand in our own power. It gives us a chance to say NO, one more time.Continue Reading →

A Promising Approach to The Prevention and Management of Alzheimer’s Disease By: Dr. Karen Willfhart, NMD

Alzheimer’s is a scary term, and most people think that Alzheimer’s Disease is generally a hereditary condition, and not preventable. Over the past several years, research is exposing a cause of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia to be linked to nutrition and lifestyle. The good news is just that. Nutrition and lifestyle can be improved upon to ultimately manipulate gene expression of these terrifying conditions. Eating a healthy diet targeted at normalizing insulin levels is a great beginning.Continue Reading →