electro medical therapy

Electro-Medical Therapy

Electro-Medical Treatment: Wellness Pro

Electro-Medical Technologies markets the Wellness Pro to aid in the restoration and maintenance of health without the use of drugs. The body is made up of energy and the Wellness Pro helps to balance the energy fields and remove blockages to create a state of physical and mental wellness.

Electro-Medical Therapy stimulates the body to improve function of the immune system, decrease pain as a result of many causes, and balance energy and promote over all wellness. The use of electro-medical therapy to treat physical ailments is considered one of the oldest and most documented sciences known. The Wellness Pro delivers programmable frequencies and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. These technologies:

  • Stimulate the body using electrotherapy to block pain signals traveling up the spine to the brain
  • Uses electricity and frequencies to aid in the treatment of chronic and acute pain conditions

A one-hour consultation is required: Visit charge as per one-hour consultation to include.

Treatments are 30-60 minutes depending on issue. The machine is set up for the patient. May need to regulation sensation of frequencies every 3 minutes. So, requires some oversight, but not a physician. Charge for Treatment: $60-$75 (Feedback welcome).