George Leger, Clinic Founder

George Leger

In 2010 George was diagnosed with cancer. He was not operable and did not want to go through the pains of conventional chemo and radiation treatments. Instead he began a search in his home of Ontario, Canada that lead him to 18-months of Naturopathic IV treatments. After more research and a referral from his Canadian Naturopathic Oncologist, he made his way to Arizona on a cancer treatment journey.

Six months later, after receiving Naturopathic and Alternative Health modalities alongside lifestyle changes and Trauma Therapy, he returned home cancer-free.

“I asked myself. What happened? What did I do differently? Simply put, I was under severe stress at home. I was living an unhealthy lifestyle, horrible diet, focused only on work and business and only seeing to my treatments when it was “convenient”.

While in Arizona, he’d realized that the tables had turned. The shift in priority to focus on his health and well-being was the turning point.

“I treated BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT, not only medical treatments. Once I discovered a treatment, a book, a CD, a DVD, a diet, an exercise program, Meditation, Reiki Energy, Grief Therapy, Metaphysics, I did not only try it; I gave it my all.”

As a result, George experienced a miraculous healing and seven years later, he is still cancer-free. It was then that a synchronistic opportunity came along, and he decided to give back. He had committed to provide the same services and more, under one roof,“ applying the concept of MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.

Cancer is only one of many chronic diseases. Most diseases originate from stress, diet, lack of exercise, trauma (some long-forgotten) and in some cases, all of the above.

In today’s medical world, we are all in a big hurry. We want to pop one pill and have everything go away. Yet, we seem to create more disease because of the multitude of side effects. Change has come in leaps and bounds toward blended medicine, or what is better known as integrative medicine. Around the world, conscious medical doctors are now looking to Alternative and Natural treatments and lifestyle changes.

“At A Place To Heal Health and Wellness Center, we specialize in this Blended Medicine medical approach. “We treat the fire, not the smoke.”