IV Therapy

We Provide IV’s that are beneficial to your health

NAD: NAD is a Coenzyme that can be found in all living cells and is essential for metabolism. NAD is used in gene expression, DNA repair, energy production, enzyme activity, caloric restriction, neurotransmission, blood sugar regulation, and inflammation regulation.
Intravenous NAD+ is administered directly into the bloodstream allowing for optimal absorption by bypassing the digestive system making NAD+ readily available to cells. NAD+ declines with age, leading to age-associated disease. This IV combats the aging process and disease, making it a great ally to add to your anti-aging regimen.
Used to treat the following:
• Anti-Aging
• Fatigue
• Chronic pain
• Liver disease
• Insulin resistance
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Addiction
• Depression
• Dementia
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Neurodegeneration
• Parkinson’s

Nutritional IVs, including Myer’s Cocktail: These IVs deliver basics vitamins and minerals that are essential to the function and health of the human body and mind. The nutrient IV is composed of Vitamin C, B5, B6, B12, B complex, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, and Zinc. The nutrient IV is excellent for essential general maintenance of the body. Others that may benefit from the nutrient IV include those experiencing:
• Cold/Flu
• Chronic Sinusitis
• Fatigue
• Gastrointestinal dysfunction
• Infections 
• Seasonal allergies
• Stress
We also offer individualized IV therapies, including amino acids, minerals, and chelation prescribed specifically for your health condition. These therapies will be discussed after a thorough medical intake.