Jacqueline Percival

Jacqueline Percival loves the challenge of exercising creativity in the kitchen that will improve your overall health through food. Her passion for food and the arts began at an early age with her grandfather teaching her the natural facts on food. After graduating from Pennsylvania School of Arts, she continued her studies in the culinary world focusing on lifestyle diets: vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, and healthy traditional cooking. Chef Jacqueline’s food for life passion has taken her on many journeys in the food industry; food service director, food specialist for two natural food companies, restaurant owner, personal chef, and cooking instructor. Jacqueline’s classes integrate her passion for teaching healthy food, creating an engaging mix of techniques, aromas, and tastes and always served with a side of enjoyment.
In 1990 Jacqueline open her first restaurant “ Jacqueline’s As My Garden Grows” in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Being very involved in the macrobiotic community, she found the community wanted a restaurant that would cater to their lifestyle of food…so she created it! The restaurant was based on organic products from local farmers and Jacqueline’s organic gardens of edible flowers and fresh herbs.
In the year 2001, Jacqueline’s mother was diagnosed with stage 5 breast cancer with a one percent chance of survival with or without chemotherapy. Her mother chose no chemotherapy and went with a macrobiotic diet. This was a turning point in her life and took a leave of absence from her career to plan menus and prepare macrobiotic meals for her mother. Today her mother is a cancer survivor. Returning to her career, she brought the experience into developing lifestyle recipes for two natural food commissaries and continues to consult on menu planning.
In 2010 Jacqueline open her second restaurant “Wy~Kont Café” in Phoenix, Arizona featuring fresh breakfast and lunch from local organic farmers. The menu focused on balanced meals of healthy dining along with a few indulgences. Once a month, the café had evening events: poetry reading, open mic, discussions on food feeding the body, music, and arts from residents of the community.
Jacqueline’s passion for food always continues to grow as she reflects on her childhood memories and brings the lifestyle of cooking into your life. Her new food journey continues as she embraces an incredible new adventure with “A Place to Heal” to give the gift of life through healthy lifestyle cooking and food knowledge. Jacqueline always stays true to her roots and passion for food on how to bring food to your table.