George Leger
Principal, Reiki Therapy

Hi, my name is George Leger. I am a semi-retired man, 71 years of age, and a cancer survivor since 2012.

Bonnie Adams
Clinic Director, Licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Massage Therapist, Reiki Energy Healing Therapist, CBD Oil Consultant

Helping people manage their pain and stress is a long time passion of Bonnies.

Jacqueleine Percival

Studies in Culinary Arts, lifestyle diets, vegan, macrobiotic and traditional healthy cooking.

Courtney Halstead
Yoga Instructor


Anahi Jimenez
Office Administor

Dedicated to a warm & Supportive environment for all our patients.

Dr. Jamil Sayegh
International Transformation Coach & Integrative Naturopathic Physician

My Ultimate Goal: Help you live an extraordinary life without regret.

Christi Christiaens
Naturopathic Nutrition & Lifestyle

I am passionate about health and wellness for all people.