Bonnie is a licensed Massage Therapist,  Reiki Energy Healer and CBD Oil Consultant. Helping people manage their pain and stress is a long time passion of hers.  Massage, energy healing, and use of CBD Oils  have proven to be effective tools to do this. Bonnie brings a strong knowledge of anatomy and physical based therapies to her treatment sessions.

I am a railroader’s daughter. As a child, we lived off the grid in railway stations across Northern Canada; no running water or electricity. We were hunters and gatherers. We fished, hunted, picked wild berries and plants, and raised chickens and grew a garden. As I grew up we moved into more civilization and eventually lived in the town of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

My first Nutritional working experience was at a local hospital working in the kitchen. I became a relief dietary supervisor managing delivery of special diets for the patients. I learned some fundamental allopathic nutritional guidance here, but it would prove to fail me as I progressed into my own difficult food issues later. I worked every summer as a dietary food supervisor in hospitals to pay for my university education, so I was constantly surrounded by illnesses trying to be addressed with food controls. I recognized that necessary lifestyle changes were nearly impossible for people and they moved to rely on band-aid solutions to the diseases resulting from poor nutritional choices.

After high school, I moved to Montreal, Quebec where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from McGill University.

In 2015 I wanted to return to “hands-on healing” after many years retirement from PT. I became a medical massage therapist in 2016.

In the 1980’s I started to develop difficult digestive issues with no solutions offered by Allopathic doctors.  For years I struggled to find relief from gut pain and sleeplessness caused by numerous foods.  I eventually eliminated from my diet all foods that caused me gut discomfort. In 2012 I started my journey of using the naturopathic and alternative medical community for my medical needs. I got off all the allopathic medications (which were causing side effects), and I discovered I was nutritionally deficient, suffering from chronic fatigue, arthritic pain, cognitive decline, losing my hair and nails, and having difficulty emotionally.

In 2012 I discovered the holistic nutritional guidance that I feel saved my life. I had to make Nutritional Life Style Changes that would be permanent and rewarding! Now 6 years later I am still on a journey to improve my nutritional health more and more. Happily, I can share with you that I am sleeping soundly all night, have a bright acute focus all day long, my labs continue to reflect a healing gut, no stomach pain, no headaches, lots of energy, steady weight, low body fat, good exercise tolerance and emotionally healthy.

I am overall healthier and happier now at age 65 than I was at 35 and getting better every year.

We are what we eat and we think.  The holistic approach to living encompasses health of the body, mind, and spirit.

At A Place to Heal we help you make the changes you need to overcome damages caused by nutritional (body, mind, and spirit),  lifestyles that cause so many common aging diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimers, Arthritis and more. We Offer support for your body, mind, and spirit. To be complete we must nourish the whole of us, heal what is in need and preserve our health in all aspects. By getting to the source of the damages we can help repair and reverse years of aging.

Food is medicine. It can heal or it can disrupt our beautiful bodies.