Dr. Stefanie Werner graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine with an eclectic interest ranging from rheumatology to IV therapies to pediatrics.  Paired with a Master of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition, her philosophy focuses on preventative medicine through proper diet and overall lifestyle choices.

While in school, she traveled twice to the Philippines to volunteer and intern at a free birth clinic called Mercy in Action. With her experience as a natural childbirth educator, doula and “home-birther”, she proudly supports birthing rights and is passionate about educating couples on decisions surrounding their own experiences.  Dr. Werner believes that through proper education, parents can raise healthy children with prevention in mind.

Her love for rheumatology came after solving issues within her own joint health. Paired with a short internship with a local rheumatologist, she gained perspective on how to manage patients with both conventional knowledge and naturopathic wisdom. Being an Ironman Triathlete herself, Dr. Werner understands the value of joint health for longevity.

Besides medicine, she enjoys spending time with her family in their desert oasis, dabbling in the culinary arts and traveling!