Hi, my name is George Leger. I am a semi-retired man, 71 years of age, and a cancer survivor since 2012. I have had a long career in the production management of the foundry and steel industry, then in corporate sales and marketing, at a time where martini lunches were a must. Needless to say, through my 30-year career in the metal industry, I have poisoned my body and seriously destroyed my health.

I ended up semi-retiring in 1998, to a breathtaking lakeside subdivision I invested in, built myself my dream 5000 sq. ft. home on a 9-acre point, and tried to settle down. My body riddled with arthritis, high in cholesterol and triglycerides, turned diabetic, 76 pounds overweight, depressed, with a suffering liver, having nothing but time and money, I decided to get myself “fixed” body, mind and spirit’.

I could not find “the place” I was looking for, that would treat my “BODY MIND AND SPIRIT”, so I decided to build one. Unfortunately, after years of traveling across Canada and the United States, coast to coast 4 times, researching, planning, and developing a 48-million-dollar clinic proposal in my hometown, on my own 577 acres of land stretching on 5 miles of lakefront, the local corrupt politics refused to allow it to go forward.

The stress of my life at the time, personal and business, manifested itself in being diagnosed with cancer in January of 2010.

For whatever reason, most likely from my need to follow the road least traveled, I decided to only do Naturopathic treatments in Ontario, with Dr. Peter Papadogionis, and Dr. Bryan Knappett from Huntsville Ontario, refusing all allopathic treatments, excluding a biopsy, for which I prepared with numerous Vitamin C IVs, before and after.

In October 2011, after being recommended by both my Naturopath doctors, to take my RV and head south to AZ, the ONLY state where Allopathic and Naturopathic medical professions are equal, for a 6 months medical trip.  I headed to Scottsdale, with a magical last-minute appointment through Andrea Moss, a receptionist at the time, to meet Dr. Daniel Rubin Naturopathic Oncologist, and Dr. Melissa Coats ND, now Oncologist, at Naturopathic Specialists, at 7331 E Osborn DR, Suite 330, Scottsdale AZ 85251, tel. 480.990.111.

They saved my life.  I have never looked back.

I took extensive Vit C and Cur-cumin infusions, chelated my system from the Lead, Cadmium and other heavy metals I was poisoned with, controlled my diabetes through ALA IVs to get rid of my insulin resistance, rebalanced my PH through diet, lemon water, baking soda, joined LA Fitness and started an exercise program which allowed me to shed 30 ish pounds.

Dr. Coats introduced me to a wonderful grief counselor, and for 5 ½ months, I took 2 hours a week of counseling, dealing with the 67 traumas of my life.

I discovered Meditation, graduated from level 2 to a Reiki Master Teacher Energy Healer, treating myself daily to energy healing, went regularly to Sedona for meditation at the Bell Rock Vortex, took metaphysical training and healing modalities with a Shaman 2 hours a week, went into the desert for ceremonies, and over the 5 ½ months learned to communicate with SPIRIT. I took sound therapy, Massage Therapy 3 times a week, received regular Reflexology, Foot Detox, and read every book, listened to every CD and watched every DVD that had the word CANCER in or on it that I could find.

I was working on my recovery, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week until Dr. Coats busted me and confined me to rest in the Arizona sunshine and told me I could no longer even read a book…. lol

I CAME BACK HOME TO ONTARIO CANADA CANCER FREE……in May of 2012, 6 months later.

I have been coming back as a snowbird to Naturopathic Specialists for the last 6 years, taking follow up treatments, enjoying the weather, and my cancer-free status, for which I get tested every year.

The point of my sharing this personal journey is that I want the world to know and understand that everything is possible if you believe you can heal from CANCER, using Naturopathic and alternative treatments, diet change, organic holistic nutrition and a wholesale change in mental attitude.

You must treat MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

As a result of my recovery, I have decided to spend the rest of my life helping people help themselves. No one can do it for you, it’s all about you, your ability to see yourself healed.

I have opened a new clinic called A PLACE TO HEAL WELLNESS CENTER.

A Place to Heal is NOT a cancer clinic. It is a place where we will give you tools to heal yourself through nutrition counseling, and help your body heal itself of Arthritis, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

Naturopathic Medical intervention is always the first stop to determine the cause and establish a protocol for your recovery.

Please refer to The Truth About Cancer, Waking to Alzheimer’s, Brain Health, The Sacred Plant and Thrive, all available as online documented series where medical doctors agreed to “step outside of the Allopathic Box” and share nutritional cures for the above diseases.

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