An anchor of nurturing energy, Lisa Rosenbloom gifts tactile, aesthetic creations to the communities she naturally immerses herself in. Chicago, 3 years old, Lisa found inspiration in the art community of Lake Forest College by effectively shadowing her older sister through her studies. Physically, she engages her body through the arts of ballet and modern dance. While emulating forms of organic expression through dance, she travels to the zoo, lake, and forest as she mentally operates on the level of biomimicry; drawing inspiration from the natural patterns of the universe. At age 7, Lisa was drawn to the powerfully healing landscapes of Arizona while being inaugurated into the wild, cultural diversity of artists emerging in the Phoenix area. Living in the artistically supportive community of Scottsdale, Lisa immersed herself in dance, theater, and art throughout high school; and even commissioned her works while studying. Transitioning to Santa Monica College while living in Venice Beach, a mecca for free-spirited diversity in the arts, she focused on further developing her creativity, production, and repertoire of dance styles. In 2005, Lisa felt called to return to the Phoenix area with a full-time career of painting, jewelry-making, and producing (music videos, PSA’s, and shorts). As a past member of the Kiwanis Downtown Scottsdale Young Professionals, she served as a directing member of the Terrific Kids Program and numerous other service projects. Lisa is currently focusing on four main aspects of her art: canvas painting, jewelry making, sound healing, and fostering artistic development for youth. Constant exposure to a diverse range of natural and human-made art has cultivated a unique master of works that deal with colors, forms, space, and natural healing modalities. Lisa’s work empowers and inspires young communities through playing the role of a soothing muse. The character of Lisa Rosenbloom continues to whimsically, gracefully evolve with the rapidly changing cultural and structural dynamics of big city life. A creative, visionary experience of artistic inspiration, interaction, materials, and space; she adds value to the evolution of communities